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Now the dean of Fordham Law School in New York, William Michael Treanor served for three years in the president's Office of Legal Counsel, a branch of the executive that was little-known to the general public until legal advisers to President George W. Bush released the infamous "torture memo" in 2002. Treanor, who served under President Clinton, talks about the expansion of executive power under Bush II, and what Congress and President Obama can do to bring greater transparency to the activities of the executive branch and to restore the integrity of the Office of Legal Counsel. Read Den Treanor's article, "Legal Obligations," from the Aug. 3-10 America.

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  • JosephinePace

    i thought Mary Ellen O’Connell made some very good points especially exhorting us Catholics to speak up and promote the prosecution of those in government who 8gnore basic human rights. Torture is indeed mo rallky and legally wrong.

    Aug 19, 2009 at 6:17 pm